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More Than Just Car Ads is the premier online automotive resource for the Barbados market. It provides an excellent opportunity for Auto Dealers, Repair Facilities, Parts and Accessories retailers as well as Finance and Insurance companies to showcase their products to a significant online audience without spending huge sums on advertising. Visitors to the website can benefit from the wide array of vehicles, products and services conveniently displayed in one place. is targeted at people who know nothing about cars and every effort has been made to address those issues which affect the average motorist. In addition to simple vehicle purchasing and sales visitors to the website can get information about:
  • Auto maintenance
  • Tips on buying a vehicle
  • Insurance coverage & online premium quotations
  • Get answers from our Online Mechanic
  • Current Market Values for vehicles they may be interested in purchasing
  • Fuel conservation, highway safety & environmental preservation tips
  • News & automotive product features
  • Licensing Authority & Customs Dept: regulations & fees
  • Employment & business opportunities
Hi! Call me 'Blue'The average motorist uses the Auto Guide as their everyday reference tool for all things automotive, while dealers & service providers rely on its huge online following to get their message out. Find out why for yourself today.

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