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Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger

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Mitsubishi Sportero

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Nissan Navara

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United Kingdom

Passenger Cars Sport Utility Vehicles Pick-Up Trucks Sports Cars
Passenger Cars Sport Utility Vehicles Pick-Up Trucks Sports Cars

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The Barbados Auto Guide is agent for some of the leading new and used car exporters from around the world. All foreign used and new vehicles displayed on this website have been sourced by experienced international dealers with years of experience in the auto export business and a sound reputation for on-time delivery of quality motor vehicles and parts to customers, who are guaranteed to get what they ordered.

Exclusive Power-Train Warranty

Our foreign used vehicles are available with an exclusive Power-Train Warranty which allows for the repair or replacement of engine, transmission, airconditioning, ABS and Engine Control Unit (ECU) components should these be found to be defective when the vehicle arrives. All claims are settled right here in Barbados! No need to be going back and forth with difficult-to-reach overseas suppliers. You can't get this peace of mind anywhere else.

Principal Source Markets

  • Japan: Right Hand Drive. All vehicle types
  • USA: Left Hand Drive. Mainly Pick-Up Trucks and Luxury vehicles
  • UK: Right Hand Drive. Mainly European luxury vehicles
  • Thailand: Right Hand Drive. Mainly Japanese Pick-Up Trucks

Documentation & Shipment

Before any vehicle can be shipped there is a strict documentation process which must be followed. This is to ensure that all legal requirements for the source country are complied with and also to notify the relevant authorities that the vehicle is being shipped out of the country. Vehicle importers in Barbados will be supplied with all necessary documentation to facilitate importation as well as to guarantee the proper status of the vehicle in the source country.

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